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A few pictures from our care package run on the 16th.  We had a really wonderful time.  I mentioned earlier that we handed everything out in record time, and we really did.  20 bags and two flats of water (70 bottles!) were gone in less than half an hour.  We were actually out and about for just over an hour, and the vast majority of it was spent talking to people.

We met a family with their dogs and very young daughter (she was pre-walking, so maybe 7 months?), a group of friends using a radio to listen to a baseball game (and enthusiastically shouting whenever their team did well—they kept us updated on the score with glee), a woman and her boyfriend with the most wicked and delightful senses of humor I’ve seen in someone in a long time (when I say they had us in stitches at times, I’m not kidding), and a very kind gentleman who scolded us affectionately for forgetting that Father’s Day was coming up and who reminded us to call our fathers.  Good people all of them—and that’s the key: good people.

The next time you see a homeless person, remember the humanity side of things.  Believe me, I know there’s a lot of judgement out there, and I know sometimes people have a kneejerk reaction when they see someone out on the street (hell, I do sometimes, and I’ve been homeless! I’ve got no excuse.).  But they really are people, often very good people, who’ve just been dealt a bad hand in life.

I know we’ll be going back down to San Diego at some point.  We’re going to try and find a lot of these people again.  Things we learned: gift cards are incredibly popular, especially if they’re for a place that sells coffee.  Tuna salad also goes over incredibly well.  Water is always popular.  And: homeless men and women don’t want to look greedy any more than anyone else does.  It’s okay if they say “No, thanks.”  Let ‘em.  You need pride and dignity to survive, too.

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